Quick Tonido installation on openSUSE

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Ok, last week I updated my laptop to openSUSE 11.4, that, unluckily, broke my MoneyManagerEx installation as I needed a package for this new distro and the one from Packman is currently broken because of some repo changes.

Because I have a pile of expenses pending to be added to my accounting, I was urged to find a working MMEx installation, so I went to it’s homepage to look for latest version and fix my OBS package that has been broken for months because of my lazyness ¬¬’

Then, that’s were I saw it, there’s a web version of MMEx!!!, and that’s great as it would allow me to use it from my new Android phone without the need to access to my laptop, “maybe it’ll be fully functional on its browser” I thought….. Reading a little more, I found out that it was part of some cloud platform called Tonido. That sounded like a lot of hassle just for running the application, but when I found out that Tonido has a dedicated Android application, I was sold!.

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Compiling cnet in a hurry

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Well, we have an assignment for college, the idea is to simulate a network and the tool chosen is cnet. Ideally I would build a package for it in the OpenSUSE Build Service, but the process is kind of slow and we’re in a hurry. Here’s the process to install it in your home. Building the package is on my TODO list….


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Running SCO Openserver 5.0.7 in VirtualBox

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Update: As of VirtualBox 3.0.10, Openserver 5.0.7 should not require workarounds to install, only SCSI support is pending… (check the listed bugreports).

A customer required to replace and ancient SCO server used to run Foxplus, given that Openserver 5 is unlikely to be able to run with new hardware the only available route in this case was to virtualize the Openserver server. To date iBCS or ABI or whatever is the latest incarnation, didn’t work for us.

We are running SLES10SP2@x86_64 as host, but any host running VirtualBox should work. The original installation was done on 3.0.4 but this steps where tested in 3.0.8 for this article. The only missing functionality is GUI.


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The toy arrived…

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Well, the GPS logger is here, not thanks to EMS, as it arrived to Asuncion on 8/Oct and i had to pick it up on the mail office on 10/Oct given they weren’t even planning to deliver it :s

So far i tested it on a few trips around town.. This is a picture with APs discovered using kismet:

Trip to Villa Morra

Well, i’ll post more later…

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Ordered a GPS receiver :D

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i-Blue 747

Well, i felt like i was in need of a new toy, so yesterday ordered an i-Blue 747 (gps receiver/track logger). So i guess i’ll be busy playing with it once it arrives. Already found two projects ( and that would allow me to have a realtime track of my position using a GPRS enabled phone with the receiver. Also would like to contribute to OpenStreetMap, as there are no maps available for Paraguay, let’s see how hard can that be….

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Terabyte Fileserver

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Bueno, despues de fantasear sobre varios posts que encontre de gente levantando su super fileserver creo que es tiempo de levantar el mio. La idea es montar un Sempron 2800 con 512MB o 1GB de RAM y 4 o 5 discos SATA de 250GB y usar Opensolaris+ZFS o Linux+MD+LVM+Reiserfs. Voy a hacer numeros a ver que sale…..

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